You are on the website of STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. a Spanish company with Tax Registration Number A-28682987 with registered offices in Punta de los Remedios, s/n – 15292 Lira- Carnota (A Coruña-Spain), listed in the Companies Registry of A Coruña in Volume 565 of the Archive, Book 313, Companies Section 3, Sheet 185, Page 3374. The Privacy Policy set out below applies to all of the services of this website, as well as the pages and services that may be added to this website in the future.

By using this website you are considered as a user of the same, implying acceptance of all of the terms and conditions expressed in this Privacy Policy. The provision of the website’s services has a limited duration to the time you connect to the same or to any of the services provided through the website. As a result, you must read this Privacy Policy carefully every time you intend to use the website, as the site and its conditions of use as expressed in this Privacy Policy may undergo modifications.

Visiting our website does not imply any obligation to provide information of any kind. Your privacy and confidentiality are of the greatest importance to us. In the event of providing any personal data to us by means of this website, the data obtained will be used in the manner, for the purpose and with the restrictions and rights expressed in Organic Law 15/1999 of 13th December on the Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”).

The contents of our Privacy Policy will help you to identify the data we gather, what we do with it, and what are your rights and our obligations in relation to the users of our website, and ensuring that this data cannot be accessed by unauthorised third parties.


1.1 STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. uses a file for the treatment and storage of data in order to resolve any incidents that may arise in relation to your opinions and questions. This file meets the legal requirements of the LPPD, as well as the technical requirements expressed in Regulation 1720/2007 of 21st December developing the contents of the LPPD (“RLPPD”), in order to guarantee the security of the data you provide.

1.2 The data obtained by means of the form used to gather data on the website in order to receive specific information or replies to questions presented to STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. will be included in this personal data file.

1.3 Your data are stored in order to be able to register your query and provide a suitable answer, as well as to improve the services we offer.

1.4 By entering your data in the register, you grant your consent for your data to be stored on our files. All of the details marked on the form with an asterisk must be completed in order for the query to be accepted. We will not request any type of data considered by law as being subject to special protection, nor will we use economic data of any kind. STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. guarantees that the data provided cannot be accessed by any person outside of the company, and that they will only be shown on the request of their duly accredited owner.


2.1 One way of gathering complementary information on your visits to our website, as well as the most visited pages or the services that most interest you, is by registering the address or IP protocol of your computer. This IP protocol is a number that is automatically assigned to your system whenever you browse the Internet. Any website you enter immediately detects the presence of your computer by means of its IP address. When you enter any of our web pages, your IP address will be stored automatically. This is solely for the purpose of producing statistics on visits to our website to help us verify how our system is operating, allowing us to constantly improve it.


3.1 Clients of the services offered by STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. are entitled to access their data stored on our files at any time, as well as to alter, cancel or oppose the same. You may exercise your rights by writing to the e-mail or by post to: Punta de los Remedios, s/n – 15292 Lira-Carnota (La Coruña-Spain). In either case you will be required to identify yourself with a photocopy of your identity document or valid passport in order to exercise your rights of access, alteration, cancellation or opposition. These rights have the following specific contents:

(i) You are entitled to request and freely obtain information on your personal data subject to treatment, their origin (which in our case will always be the questionnaires contained on the website), and any communications that may affect the same.

(ii) STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. shall be held harmless from any liability if the request to display or correct data is made from the e-mail address included in the query form and included in the previously mentioned identification documents, as in this case we will presume that the request is being made by the interested party.

(iii) You may request the alteration or cancellation of your data, which will be carried out by STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. in a maximum period of 10 days. Cancellation will result in your data being blocked, it will only be kept in case of being required by the Public Authorities or Courts of Law.

3.2 STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. recognises its liability and guarantees that it will comply with its obligation to maintain secrecy in relation to all of the data provided.

3.3 By accepting these terms and conditions, you warrant that:

(i) Messages containing your opinions, queries, questions or suggestions do not contain any viruses or other types of harmful or destructive elements.

(ii) That the content of your messages is not defamatory, indecent, offensive, libellous or illegal in any way.


4.1 STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. will not transfer your personal data to other companies. In the event of undertaking any promotions or competitions in the future in which you may receive awards or prizes with the involvement of other companies, you will be expressly informed of this situation and be required to provide your authorisation on accepting the terms of the competition.


5.1 Our website currently contains links to websites belonging to other companies. STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. cannot accept any liability for the contents of these sites or any treatment of data performed by the same. For this reason, please be aware that accessing these third party sites is a decision that you must take and that STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. cannot be held liable for the contents or any illegal elements that these third party sites may contain.


6.1 In the event of STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. definitively ceasing to provide its services through this website for any reason, it will proceed to destroy all of the data stored in order to guarantee the security and appropriate use of the data provided.


7.1 STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. will not accept any liability for any damage arising from any technical fault in the services provided or products acquired resulting from the implicit nature of Internet systems or your computer equipment, including but not limited to loss, incorrect use, alteration, unauthorised access, theft, fire, flooding or any other type of force majeure that may affect the data.


8.1 Any changes made to the Privacy Policy will be notified in the “Privacy Policy” section of the home page of, and will be in effect from the moment of their publication.

8.2 STOLT SEA FARM, S.A. reserves the right to alter, update or adapt this Privacy Policy to any change in legislation or interpretation by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.


9.1 This Privacy Policy is governed to its fullest extent by Spanish Law. In the event of any disputes arising from the existence, access, use or contents of the website, you expressly renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond to you, submitting any legal action to the exclusive jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of A Coruña, Spain.

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